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Modern History of Central Asia

Contemporary Central Asia



Welcome to Slavomir Horak’s web page for Free University of Tbilisi students. You are able to find the information concerning the courses taught at the university – syllabuses, requirements for students as well as useful links for the courses. In case of any question you are encouraged to contact me on my e-mail slavomir.horak[at]post.cz.


Post-Soviet Central Asia in the World – syllabus of the course

Программа курса «Новая и новейшая история Центральной Азии»


The system of the course:

1 hour of lecture introducing the specific issue

1 hour of seminar with discussion on case studies based on reading requirements.



Active participation at the presentations on the topics of the courses


Useful links for the contemporary Central Asia

Оазис (http://www.ca-oasis.info). Bi-weekly analysis and field reports on current political and social issues in Central Asia with strong human right aspect . Publisher by The Centre for Extreme Journalism (RU).

International Crisis Group (http://www.crisisgroup.org, http://www.icg.org). Deeper occasional reports from hot regions, including Central Asia, Iran and Afghanistan (EN, partly RU or local languages).

Transitions On-line (www.tol.cz). Prague-based weekly e-mail briefing on political development in former USSR. Free subscription for citizens of CIS countries and Georgia (EN)

Centrasia.ru (www.centrasia.ru). Moscow-based web site collecting articles and analyses on Central Asia, Afghanistan and selectively Iran, Pakistan and other Eurasian countries (RU)

Ferghana.ru (http://www.ferghana.ru). Analysis on current political and social issues as well as historical sketches on  Central Asia (RU, partly UZ, EN)

Institute for War and Peace Reporting (http://www.iwpr.net). Reports and analyses from various parts of the world, including large section on Central Asia (EN, partly RU or local languages)

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty(http://www.rferl.org>). Daily news and analysis on Central Asia affairs (EN and local languages).

Восточная литература (www.vostlit.info). Extremely useful sites with resources on history of Central Asia in Russian as well as history of Asian and European countries/regions.

Turkestan library/Туркестанская библиотека/Turkiston kutubxonasi  (www.turklib.ru). You can download immense quantity of bibliography concerning the history of Turkic states and regions in Russian, English, Turkish and other local languages via RapidShare system. There are also films, MP3 files, software and other interesting materials on the Turkic peoples (RU,EN,UZ)

Eurasia Institute (www.euroasianet.org). Daily news, field reports and analyses/commentaries on Central Asia, Caucasus, Mongolia, Iran and Afghanistan (EN, partly RU).

Central Asia and the Caucasus (www.cacianalyst.org). Bi-weekly on-line journal with commentaries on current issues in Central Asia and the Caucasus (EN).

China Eurasia Forum Quarterly (www.chinaeurasia.org) quarterly scholar journal covering Central Asian issues, free download

Materik.ru (http://www.materik.ru) – Аналитика и дайджесты к постсоветскому пространству Института стран СНГ (RU.)

Информационно-аналитический центр по постсоветскому пространстве МГУ(www.ia-centr.ru). Analysis and commentaries from Central Asian and Russian perspective (RU).

The Catalogue of my library – the titles of the books are in in Czech transcription, its availability in Tbilisi, please, consult with me.