Slavomír Horák


Slavomír Horák holds Ph.D. in International Area Studies from Prague Charles University's Institute of International Studies. He has currently tenure track position as the Research Fellow with the Department of Russian and East European Studies of the Institute of International Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University in Prague. His research covers political, social and economic issues in former USSR, with a particular focus on Central Asia.

He is the author of several books on Central Asian and Afghanistan internal development as well as numerous articles published in Czech, Russian and English scholar journals (The China and Eurasia Forum Quarterly, Central Asia and The Caucasus, The Perspectives on European Politics, Mezinárodní vztahy, Politeks et. al.).


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Main areas of interest:

         Turkmenistanís internal politics

         The Ideology of Central Asian regimes

         Informal structures in Authoritarian Regimes of Central Asia

         Russian policy in Central Asia

         Oil and gas in Central Asia

         Islam in Central Asia

         The conflict in Afghanistan



Czech, Russian, English

partially Persian/Tajik, Turkish, Spanish

passively French, Polish, Slovak, Ukrainian, Turkmen