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Satelitní semináre k Moderním dejinám Ruska - mustr k príprave referátu


Program of courses:

State- and Nation-building in Eurasia - Fall 2010

Islam in USSR (Czech) - Fall 2010

Older courses

Post-Soviet Space in 90s (Czech) - Fall 2006

Russia and Central Asia (Czech) - Fall only

Contemporary Eastern Europe (Czech)

Национальное и государственное строительство в азийских странах СНГ (Russian) - Spring 2007

Ethnohistorical regions III. (Czech) - Spring 2007

Russia/USSR and Central Asia 1914-1991 (Czech) - Spring 2007


Some interesting links:

Complete collection of links for Central Asian

Национальное и государственное строительство в азийских странах СНГ:

Цетразия.ру - daily news from various Russian language suorces (both official and opposition), complete archive since 2000, biographies of Central Asian Persons (very useful!!!).

International Crisis Group - analysis on problems with human rights, politics, economy and society in various world regions including Cental Asia

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty - daily news, Weekly Reports (Central Asian Report and Caucasus Report recommended)

Central Asia and The Caucasus Analyst - biweekly journal on Central Asian and The Caucasus contemporary affairs - analysis, field reports, brief news.

EurasiaNet - Soros sponsored page with analysis of Eurasian States (including Central Asia, Caucasus, Afghanistan or Mongolia), links

Nations in Transit - Year report of Freedom House, which contents analysis of most important topics from transition countries (from Czech Republic to Central Asia). Very useful as an introduction to Central Asian affairs.

Association for International Affairs - if click on "Odkazy" (links), you can reach more links to various Central Asian pages - either general sources, or specific sources for each state.



Russia and Central Asia in C19:

Восточная литература - documents on various historical sources (not only Central Asia) including transcropts of official documents, Middle Eastern and Central Asian traveller's notes frm 15th to 20th century, everything in Russian translations with commentaries.

EBSCO network - databases of articles (including for example Central Asian Survey). available only from Jinonice Library computers.



Contemporary Eastern Europe - The Ukraine and Moldova





http://www.rferl.org (Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova Report)